sábado, 29 de enero de 2011

My first sonnet (Soneto 283)

I'm writing this like that to have a chance
to say in Shakespeare's language, if I'm able,
a sonnet, like he did, with elegance:
I promise I'm not going to tell a fable.

I really know my grammar's not okay,
and my vocabulary is poor and short,
but if I make an effort that's the way
to finish any thing and not abort.

I want to give my friends a great smile;
I hope for them to like it just a lot;
I trust you enjoy my phrases for a while
before I put on them the full stop.

And we've already got to the ending line:
I think my first attempt is very fine.

(Ver soneto 25)

6 comentarios:

  1. Ooohhhhhh, my God

    I'm smiling, of course.
    Really beautiful.

  2. :D You´re great!

    I would like you to repeat it any other day!


  3. To do a sonnet in the same language that it uses Shakespeare is méritoso, but we are in Spain and still our language is the Spanish.
    Anyhow the attempt went out for you very well.
    In addition you are stubborn and everything what you pledge faeces, it seems to me very likely.

    I challenge you ... the near one in Arab.

    A saludito

  4. Pues no te ha salido nada mal, con una sonrisa , como tu dices, lo he leído y releído pues mi ingles es muy corto y ademas técnico.
    Creo que has cumplido de sobra-
    Un abrazo.

  5. Anónimo19:09

    Está claro que mola más el inglés que la aritmética.

  6. Thanks.

    Pues nada, iré pensando en poner un problema de aritmética en inglés.